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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Indeed Abe, but thanks God, there's still some good rock bands out there, without falling in the "metal" genre, just playing plain raw rock'n'roll...

Like Jack White's Dead Weather...

...or Halestorm...

... or even 4 old guys doing a classic on stage (you'll probably enjoy this one Abe)
It aint dead, thats for sure. Great links! ChickenFoot smoked it, didnt they! Enjoyed Dead Weather & Haelstorm too, though Halestorm sounds good but a lot like the Zepplin, reincarnated.

Great stuff, but for me it sounds a bit recycled, Henri. I mean we were listening to Zepplin back then, and not people who sound like Zepplin. I like it but it doesnt excite me in the same way.

Thesedays Im listening band like this which arent exactly R&R ( there a lot of references to older musical styles) but have a newer take on the genre

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