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Default Re: All I want for Christmas is.....

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Honestly - nothing. That's because I'm getting myself presents all the time - small ones, medium ones, sometimes big ones. I have everything (and more) I need to make music and be happy. Definitely nothing special this Christmyth - sorry - Christmas.

DVDs? In abundance - not enough time to learn all that stuff (at least it seems).
Nice drumkit? Sure.
Plus some other instruments/stuff from the guitar/recording department...

In my wildest dreams a Guru kit would be super nice though! Not sure about the wood/finish, haha.
Haha I honestly thought you were going to write "For people to use the search button"
Wanted: GURU 13x7 Segmented English Ash & Ovangkol with Ovangkol Segmented Hoops
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