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Looks very nice! Great job.

You know what would really make this perfect? Get it professionally printed. On the inside spread, where the trees are black on dark gray, that's going to be hard to get a nice subtle contrast without going too light on the background. So get what they call a spot varnish or a UV coating on just the trees. Everything is 100% black, with the trees having that spot varnish as a 5th color (in addition to the 4-color cmyk). It's a glossy coating. Totally subtle, but it will really "pop" the trees. You could also do it on the red text on the exterior. Look around at books in a book store (if you can find one) for examples. It's a common practice on book covers.

CD Baby is a great place to go for printing CD covers, or doing the whole project, discs and all. Good luck with it!
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