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Default Re: Car problems??? Ask away!!!!

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Does the filter thread properly and tighten? Is it possible that you may have cross threaded it some how?

Also did you say a year,with the same filter?I think it's time for an oil and filter change.I always change the filter with the oil.It only cost around 25 bucks for 5 qts. of oil,and a new filter,at Pep boys or a dozen other places.Every 3-4000 miles.

Steve B
Yes, it is properly threaded. It was properly tightened and seated, and yes I did say a year. I have been financially strapped this past year and anytime I get the money to take care of much needed things, something always comes up. I know $25 might not seem like much, but it is for a poor, married student like myself. Last time I had extra money and was going to change the oil and filter, the heater core went out so I ended up changing that instead.

Next has to be the header panel, head lights, and turn signals because a deer tried to commit suicide and did some minor front end damage. There is another $200 I don't have right now.
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