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Default Re: Pearl Demonator Off-Set Double Kick Pedals

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
I think you're reading more into a "poorly drawn illustration" than there is. Any of these center pedals, you move your bass drum to the left. Not your foot to the right. My knee is tight against my floor tom, in my standard 1 up, 2 down configuration (with a traditional single or double pedal). With the Off-Set (or Sleishman), my right foot, the pedal under it, and my right floor tom all remain on the exact same piece of real estate. The only thing that moves, is the bass drum. To the left. To be center with the twin beaters.
You are probably right about the drawing. Personally I would not be able to do that because my 2 toms to the left of the kick cant be mounted to the kick itself. The stand would get in the way. I would have to acquire a rack. I do think that the OPs pedal is pretty dang cool though.
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