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Default Re: Pearl Demonator Off-Set Double Kick Pedals

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
The Off-Set side has the right pedal encroaching into the floor tom. This is what I wanted to see. For me this would not work. I would have to move the floor tom farther away because my leg would be hitting it. I can't have that.
I think you're reading more into a "poorly drawn illustration" than there is. Any of these center pedals, you move your bass drum to the left. Not your foot to the right. My knee is tight against my floor tom, in my standard 1 up, 2 down configuration (with a traditional single or double pedal). With the Off-Set (or Sleishman), my right foot, the pedal under it, and my right floor tom all remain on the exact same piece of real estate. The only thing that moves, is the bass drum. To the left. To be center with the twin beaters.
A quick Google image search for "sleishman drum pedal" will provide you several pictures.
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