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Default Re: Pearl Demonator Off-Set Double Kick Pedals

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
Very nice. Can you post a pic of how it looks with the whole set? I want to see how having your kick drum centered effects the floor tom and hi-hat in relation to the rest of the kit.
As it is I have dismantled my kit at the moment for refurbishing (peeling the vinyl off and then a varnish), but I can tell you the only thing it really changes is the placement of your toms, if the tom mounts are attached to your bass drum. I found it feels like playing involves less stretching/reaching when playing and everything just feels more easily accessible. I think if I ever have to use a standard double kick again (like when I get my Axis pedals and can play like George Kollias a week or two later) I will mount my toms on racks so I can approximate a center-pedal design.

Here is a link to the patent-holder for the center Off-Set pedal brand system with a thorough description and some visual aids:

And here is a video of someone talking about and playing his Off-Set pedal and how it affected his kit and him.
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