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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Abe, what spirit remains? I don't see a cohesive spirit of rock n' roll. It's just youth culture an the fact that every generation gripes about their descendants' music. And values. And they are all probably making a good point.

But tech has always been a huge driver. One day The Machine will shape arts, politics, laws, foods ... everything to suit their needs over ours. The more entwined humans become with tech the more we will reflect it.


If hip-hop is the new jazz, is metal the new rock? I don't know..

I was trying to be charitable, Grea, ; )
I assumed there are at least some renegades out there, trapped in a time warp, still waving their freak flags outside all the EDM clubs.This is the age of the DJ, thats for sure.

On the generational gripe, wasn't ours a generation of apologists? The ones that 'befriended' our offspring for the first time in human history, lol. ( rebels and no cause is a wimpy combo, though... )

And then tree is the new democracy of self expression now, with all the tech, be it iPhone photos and videos, Garage Band, home studios, social media marketing, crowd funding etc, which has completely changed the parameters of art and our perception of it.

Dunno if thats good or bad. I read an article recently that said the our ears have now become so accustomed to lo rez mp3s that sound with more bit rate and bandwidth is 'uncomfortable'. ( yes, I can't play my St Pepper LP without my 19 yr old going, nice tunes, but the sound is weird )

Yes, you are right, the original spirit of rock in roll was a raw looseness and beautiful imperfection which runs counter to the very idea of a machine.


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