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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Originally Posted by radman View Post
Fear not - have faith in the proles! Whatever comes in will be stripped down, some attitude (not necessarily volume), and be played with conviction (I hope). Alas, it will only last a couple of years before the sales weasels gut it.
I wonder if the proles will figure it's more natural to their usual modus operandi to create all their music with software? So true about the sales weasels (I loled at the term)

Originally Posted by radman View Post
That was an interesting comment about the disappearance of the shuffle ... I hadn't thought of that. I guess with the reduction of pop to quarter notes on a (synthesized) bass drum, the shuffle had no place? Dunno ...?
Or maybe the sequencer presets were all straight 8s and people didn't even think to press the shuffle button while noodling around? Or maybe that's putting the cart before the horse? I expect the default factory preset would be a swung rhythm if sequencers were invented in the 1940s ...


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