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Default Re: Anyone use huge stick sizes?

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
If you're a big guy with big hands, a big stick makes sense, but a big stick doesn't have to mean hard playing any more than a small stick means you are only going to play softly. (Within structural limits of the stick, of course. Try playing arena rock with a Vic Firth SD5 Echo and see what happens.)
I'm a smaller guy (5'5") and I have normal size hands, but I play what most would consider a big stick. The twist is that I play maple sticks instead of hickory. This lets me play a larger stick without the weight of hickory. I've played Vic Firth SD9 sticks for about 4 years now and love them. They are a tiny bit thicker than a 5B and are 16 1/2" long. I mostly play a mix of rock and loud Texas country, and everything from unmic'ed indoor gigs to bigger outdoor venues and I can play as loud of soft as I need to without having to change sticks.
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