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Default Re: Car problems??? Ask away!!!!

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
Here is one for you. The oil filter in my wife's car has developed a new and irritating issue. It has been slowly working itself loose enough to drip. I continue to retighten it, and a few days later the drip returns and I must tighten it again. I do not use an oil filter wrench, I use a piece of sandpaper to grab the filter and tighten it, and have been doing this forever without issue. The filter is not new, and yes I have been a bad owner and not been changing my oil regularly lately, but this seems like a non-issue to me. The filter should not be doing this.

While I have no where near your experience, I have been working on cars for at least 25 years or so, and can perform just about any mechanical need that the car requires as long as I have the time and tools. I have done just about every kind of repair/fix that can be thought of minus tranny work, so I know my way around a car. But this stupid filter has me incredibly frustrated.

Car is a 96 Oldsmobile Ciera SL with the 3.1 liter V-6, if that helps any.
i wonder if the old rubber gasket is still stuck on the engine and causing a problem the the new gasket seating properly. I have never heard of a filter working its way off. they usually stick due to the heat of the engine block.
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