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Default Re: Was 2013 a good or bad year for you?

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post really did have a bad year.The year I lost my son to a car accident,I felt like things couldn't get any worse,but they did.So I still got up every day,did what I had to do,and eventually,life went on.

It took time.Sometimes I felt like "how am I doing this'? I can't live another day this way....but I did.I'm glad I was able to hang on,and found solice in the little things,like fishing,my boy scout troop,and a few close friends.There's no greater reward for me,than helping children.That got me through.

Just hand in there,The universe abhores a vacume,another door will open up.

Steve B
Thanks Steve. I know a lot of people who are struggling, and I know I am not the worst off. I will hang in there. I'm actually learning a lot about life and myself at 50 years of age. Late, but not too late.

Now I'd like to hear from others! Lets keep it going. :)