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Default Re: Was 2013 a good or bad year for you?

Mixed year. Definite peaks and troughs, but nothing terminal either way.

Troughs: not going there, but if I were, it would be shemp.

Peaks (in chronological order): Joining DW. Andy taking the trouble to come to my house to tune Mabel <3. Forming a band. Acquiring Marilyn <3. London Drum Show: meeting Andy (again), Larry, Grea, Duncan, Ben, David, Dean and Henri. Having the opportunity to play Gurus ( Watching Mr Madge put his hand in his pocket to buy me the whole shebang because he (one of the least musical people on the planet) thought they sounded gorgeous. Finding the right saddle for the kindest and most generous horse in the world. Meeting Mini-Madge at the airport this morning, hearing her funny stories, and discovering that she is happy and well.
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