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Default Re: Was 2013 a good or bad year for you?

An ok year overall. No tremendous changes except I had a handful of gigs - which isn't hard considering I started gigging (bassist/guitarist so far) 1.25 yrs ago, at age 38, haha (40 now). There's enough things that could be better but honestly, most of this is up to me.

The coolest moments/personal highlights in 2013 for me?
- Performing with a symphonic youth orchestra in January - 2 gigs where I played the el. guitar (with the keys player being the only 2 guys playing non-acoustic instruments) on a "Once Upon A Time In The West" medley (yes, that crunchy guitar part, haha - it's simple stuff but once the whole audience focuses on that guitar part the nerves get going) and 1 track on the el. bass. We had 2 gigs, the bigger one was with a 600 audience.
- Performing at the local town hall - closed society event, playing the el. bass (both fretted and fretless) in a quartet (glad to have a fine female singer).

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