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Default Re: Anyone use huge stick sizes?

I have played nearly every size and diameter of stick under the sun. I have small hands but I have found that smaller sticks don't work for me in certain situations -- my hands will feel like they're losing their grip and so I get the death claw grip, which makes it worse.

I love Vic Firth's Vic Grip, but as with many other grip sticks, it seemed to get a large stock in stores and then disappeared.

I also love longer sticks, and typically play at least a 16.5" stick. Living in the middle of the state, it can be a challenge to find a stretch stick. I tend to stock up when I'm in Seattle.

If a stick is rather thick -- like the Vic Rock or the Gavin Harrison signature stick -- I tend to use it on certain types of music where I know the weight of all that wood isn't going to cause me long-term damage. I tend to stick to 5B stretches or similar sticks for the majority of my playing.

If you're a big guy with big hands, a big stick makes sense, but a big stick doesn't have to mean hard playing any more than a small stick means you are only going to play softly. (Within structural limits of the stick, of course. Try playing arena rock with a Vic Firth SD5 Echo and see what happens.)
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