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Default Re: I found another gem!!

Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
The pitfalls of layaway plans are well known (e.g. mostly used by lower income people who are financially gouged with this type of purchasing modality):

I too am a parent but I put my daughter (and wife) first. She goes to a private school, takes karate (will be a black belt next year when she turns 10). She takes art and guitar lessons too. She is an A student with a bright future. She belongs to a private beach club. This year she visited Nepal twice, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Canada. She friends with a young sheik (Mohammad bin Sultan bin Zayed) and has play dates at his palace.

Here is his father's bio

Now tell me about your kids and the bright future you are preparing for them.

I did buy something for myself when I was young like you ... I invested in my education and eventually earned my MBA and PhD. My sacrifice has paid dividends for me and my family. I did not make the rules up for financial and parental responsibility; I am only reporting them to someone who knows what I am saying is true but is easily offended.
The simple fact is that when you get your priorities right, good things follow; the converse is also true.


p.s. While I did make a judgement about you (and you have confirmed its accuracy), I have not resorted in name calling.
How did I confirm any of what you said to be accurate? What name did I call you? What do you even know about me? What ages are my children? What is my income? How do I make my money? All of my money, time and resources go towards taking care of my children and providing a better life for them, but since I put $40 down on a snare drum at a pawn shop, my priorities are out of whack? You have no idea where my family and I live, how we live, etc. I put the drum on layaway because the R30 usually sells for over $1200, but I found one at a great price ($420). These aren't new items at a music store, these are used items that are way underpriced that would be sold from under me if I get a piggy bank and save to buy them.

I am glad that your child is a black belt world traveler, who takes art and guitar lessons and is friends with a sheik. That is truly amazing. I'm glad that you have a MBA and a PhD too. That is great and I'm glad you kept your priorities straight by not using layaway. I won't get into a pissing match and compare my life and my kid's lives to you and you kid's lives because I'm positive I won't be able to measure up to your level of greatness. I apologize that I've sentenced my children to a terrible life and dark future by using layaway to add a few snares to my collection, without really affecting my budget. I apologize for getting something for myself other than degrees. I apologize for not getting my life advice from you before I decided to make such a bad decision. That is truly unacceptable and shows just how much I have my kids on the back burner.
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