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Default Re: New Drums Pearl Reference

I have a pearl reference 20x18 Bass drum holding the bottom of a Master's MCX kit. I absolutely love the sound of the reference bass, it's just perfect tight with a bit of tone. I imagine that 22x18 sounds great! I've not heard that size.

I like that color too, what is it?

If I ever get enough money, I'm going to build a Pearl Reference King Kong Kit--24x18 and 22x16 double basses, 8x8, 10x9,12x10,13x11,14x12,15x13,16x14 hanging toms, 14x14,16x16, and 18x16 floor toms, and a 14x5 reference snare. the reference snare is the tightest, most cutting snare I ever hear.

that would make it a 13 piece kit. Did I miss any?

seriously, that is a great looking kit and I'm jealous. Let us know how it sounds.
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