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Default Re: I think it's time we address why stock heads are so bad

Originally Posted by v.zarate View Post
arent the foreign remos the same quality as remos from here?
I'm a design engineer in my day life. I imagine drum heads are like anything else that are ordered for an OEM manufacturer.

For example, if the drum maker puts ambassadors on, and orders ambassadors, i.e. cuts a deal with Remo, then it doesn't matter if they are made in the US, China, or on the moon. They will meet the specification for ambassadors or they aren't going to be buying from Remo for very long.

If they say ambassador but they aren't really ambassadors, there's a serious integrity problem with those companies, in fact it opens up a legal can of worms.

When I got my new MCX shells, i changed the top clear ambassadors to coated emperors, because my perception is that ambassadors ring too much on bright drums, and the stick attack sounds better on coated emperors. I put renaissance coated emperors on the batter of my snares. And left the stock clear ambassadors on the reso side of my new drums. They sound great on the reso side.
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