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Default Re: Famous YouTube musicians (other instruments)?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I'm not sure I would consider people like Cobus and Meytall as decent or famous. Let's face it, there are wonderful players out there in YouTube land, (Cobus and Meytall included), and I don't know how much of a living they actually earn off of their videos, but whenever I see a great player on YouTube, but a lack of being out there playing live with other respected musicians and making music (as opposed to playing to backing tracks) something is missing for me.

I've been tracking some well-respected ukulele players on Youtube, but those people don't need backing tracks. Same with all the other instruments, so I think that's different.

Well, the both of them can hold out a decent groove and can throw in a few simple improvisations of their own. They're no Buddy Rich or Virgil Donati or anyone similar, so... I think that's... kind of OK.

Popularity wise, their sub count isn't as high as Pewdiepie's (I'm sorry; I just have to mention this guy because of his sub count, I know most of the people that do know him on here hate him) or all those gamers, but I think a 400k subscriber count is pretty good.
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