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Default Re: I found another gem!!

Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post

Single parent
2 kids
Holiday season

I'm having some difficulty understanding your priorities. Just sayin'

Wow, not to be rude or anything, but I'm totally being rude. That's what I heard. Its also the holiday season, and people are allowed to get something for themselves. So you don't have to act as God and judge if people are guilty or not. And buddy, you got a lot of nerve saying that kind of language exspecially on DW where people stand up for their fellow drummin' buddies. You'll be finding yourself on the lonely, friendless island real quick if you keep up that attitude. Ah hem. *jerk*

(I personally am a Christian, just saying) and (Psst, I sound like my dad, :) )
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Because I could make that happen...
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