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Default Re: Warmest Snare Drum head

Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
Fiberskyn might suit you but you need to be prepared for the eventual bubbling issue they are known for. I have used them off and on for the last 10 or so years but sometimes I revert back to the coated G1. Some people feel that they sound too plastic for their tastes.

I really dry out the sound of my Gretsch wooden snares when I use the Fiberskyn with Canopus vintage unplated wires.

What kind of snare?
I've also used Fiberskyn off and on for the past 10 years too. I too switch back and forth between a warm vs open sound (more on mood than for particular gigs/genres.)

My question: How soon does this happen (on average)? How noticeable is it? I'm fairly sure I've had a head on a given snare for over a year a few times and never saw the bubbling issue. Are there other factors - heat, moisture, heavier hitting, etc?

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