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Default Re: drum dial or tama tension watch

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
First and real quick... If you are the Bill Stevenson who played with Black Flag and Decedents, then I'm just going to mention that you're one of my heroes, and leave it at that.

And then regardless if you are that Bill Stevenson, or not, I'd like to ask if you have tried both the DD and the Tension Watch, and prefer one over the other. The "tunebot" thing just seems a little too fancy and bulky to throw in my cymbal bag and haul around, but I've been wanting to get a dial for a while now so I can get things into ballpark quicker when changing a head at some bar/venue or whatever.
I am not the same Bill Stevenson, but I know of my namesake and must agree with you that he is a great drummer.

I actually own both a DD and a TW and they are pretty similar. Of the two I sort of prefer the DD as the dial is easier for me to read. Note this is more about my eyes than it is about the legibility of either dial. Look at them yourself to see is one is easier for you to read than the other. More importantly, both are very consistent, meaning you get the same reading in the same spot time after time. These are both well made and reliable instruments.

I am an old guy and when I was young all heads were made from calf skin. Because of daily fluctuations in relative humidity, all drummers had to loosen our heads after playing every day, and then tune up again before playing. We did not have any of these modern marvels, only our ears, but because of constant practice got pretty good at tuning up quickly and consistently. I can still do that as it is sort of like riding a bicycle, once learned never forgotten. But any of these tuning devices will help anyone tune up faster and more consistently. Too, if you need to do this on the bandstand, these devices will get you close without disturbing the other musicians you are working with. I can't speak highly enough about these aids to tuning. Like anything else related to drumming, though, there is a learning curve and the more you practice the better you get. Tuning is aided by these devices, but your results will improve if you tune often.
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