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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Eww, just thinking of a possible recovery process.

Steve I'm embarrassed to admit that this is the first time I heard Rory's "Souped up Ford"

Can you tell me more about Arbieter drums? No lugs I see. Never heard of them either. I also noticed Rory has a tele with 3 pickups. And he was having a hard time keeping his e string in tune.
Sorry for the late response.Rory used open tunings when he played slide a lot,and I believe that tuning is an E chord.So if you were to just strum the strings,without any fingering,you would play an E chord.The Same with "Rocky Mountain Way",by Joe Walsh.

Rory was a natural musician and played over 10 different instruments,and he had perfect pitch,so if a string was out,even a little,he would tune it till he liked the note.You really have to hear him play his strat.Worth an afternoon on youtube.It's a shame he's dead.

You really have to listen to all of Rorys stuff,as it's mostly blues,and not all slide work.The same with Roy Bucanhan.

I don't truly understand the Arbeiter "auto tune " system,but it used a lip to hold the rim on the drums,and a single horizontal screw in the rim,to tension the head.They were endosed by Rod D' Ath(rorys drummer) and Bill Bruford,till the idea was abandoned a few years later.

As far as "Souped Up Ford",that tune could bring the dead back to life.Imagine playing THAT and "Bullfrog Blues"in your favorite blues club.:)

Steve B

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