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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Hey Nutha, those pictures reminded me to say something nice about TB. He definitely has his technique right (look at the good fulcrum, and how he isn't way back on the stick like most guys are).
Yeah his grip is pretty good, but his index fingers are wrapped too tightly around the stick. Not the most relaxed grip I've ever seen but way better than most of the young drummers out there.

I guess that's what bugs me about the guy, just because his fans really don't have much to compare him to, they all think he's so amazing.

Then nonsense starts to come out like he's gonna compete in the WFD or he uses no mics. Yeah, right. Please, this is total teeny bopper kid stuff.

It's like Joey Jordison. He plays a relatively fast double bass roll and everyone thinks he's so badass. Meanwhile someone like Gene Hoglan or Derek Roddy toils away in relative obscurity.

It's a shame really.
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