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Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
I've often thought that maybe the whole conspiracy theory thing is the conspiracy itself. A specialized group that has been given the go to try and distract from what is actually going on. Seems that as conspiracies get bigger and more complex, people just stop caring, and the events themselves just get lost in the shuffle. People then stop caring to an extent (minus the conspiracy junkies), and eventually the whole thing is mostly forgotten. It is like giving cake to a kid with a boo-boo just to shut them up.
I was going to go through a tail wagging the dog thing,but decided to quote Churchill instead.He said."a lie travels around the world,while the truth is still getting it's boots on".

A recent CBS news show,60 Minutes,was discredited ,reporting their story on the recent attack and killing of a US ambassador in Bengazi.The eye wittness wasn't properly vetted,and his on air interview,was totally false.This embarassed the show,I think mainly because they got caught.It's not about truth,it's about ratings and being first.MONEY.

Conspiracy?I'll use one of my favorite movies as an anology ."The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance".a must see with James Stuart and John Wayne.

James Stuart becomes a somebody,because people believe he was a hero for shooting a homicidal maniac,Liberty Valance.It turns out that John Wayne,who actually shot him,conspires to keep his mouth shut,till one day,where he tells the now US Senator Ranson (Stuart),that it was he,who shot Liberty Valance.

Eventually,Stuart decides to come clean in a magazine interview to a Mr Scott.After doing so,Stuart asks his interviewer,"your not going to print that story?".

Scott replies,"Sir,this is the west,when the legend becomes fact,print the legend".

Steve B
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