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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
There is a room with 10 monkeys in it. In the room is a ladder with a banana at the top. 1 monkey climbs to the top and gets the banana, and all the other monkeys get hosed down with freezing cold water. The monkey that got the banana gets removed from the room and replaced by another monkey. Th new monkey gets the banana, and the other monkeys get hosed again. The banana monkey is removed, and a new one put in his place. The new monkey starts to climb the ladder, but the other monkeys pull him down and beat him until he no longer wants the banana. Once more a monkey is removed and a new one takes its place. When the new monkey starts to climb the ladder, he gets beaten. This cycle repeats itself until there are no original monkeys in the room, yet the monkeys all still beat the new guy who tries to climb the ladder. At this point, the monkeys don't know why they beat the one who climbs the ladder they just do. The moral of the story is that's just how things are around here, even if we don't know why anymore.
Thanks a lot.

All the f******* stores are closed and now I want a banana.

Also, this story sounds quite a bit like corporate america, although most of the people I work with are actually more stupid than a monkey by a good margin.

And lastly, I'm sure that all 10 monkeys could play drums better than ringo.
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