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Originally Posted by beyondbetrayal View Post
29? 33? You cant hear anything with that much. if they were actually at that level.
I can't tell if you are saying you think -29db is too much protection or seriously think you can't hear anything with them on.

Remember, sustained exposure to a SPL over 90-95 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss. A whisper is about 30 db. Normal speech is about 60 db, a dial tone is 80db, and a rock concert from the audience is 110-120 db. A drum set is easily 115 db and has peak SPLs that are much higher.

So a true 29db reduction would cause normal speech to sound like a whisper, and an average drum set volume would still be louder than a dial tone. In fact, it would be close to the volume of a gas lawn mower, which can still cause hearing loss.
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