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My son plays the 9500c pedal, which comes with the optional belt drive. He liked this pedal the best after trying about a zillion pedals at the music shops in town. He tends to switch between chain and belt drives--can't seem to decide what he likes best.

I have one comment that might be helpful to others with this pedal. Yamaha provides the same length bolts for both the chain and belt drives, even though the belt mount is much thicker. In my opinion, those bolts, when used with the belt drive, are not really long enough to engage enough of the threads, especially on the aluminum pedal, and there is a considerable risk of pulling those weak aluminum threads out. Even though stripped threads can be fixed with a heli coil, that's not something you want to deal with. At any hardware store however, you can find 6mm bolts (get the high grade ones) with allen heads that fully engage all threads and work perfectly.

The bolts supplied by Yamaha are plenty long enough for the chain drive.
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