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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Lets get back to internet censorship.
Everyone knows that alien lizards from planet X didn't shoot JFK.
Yet there are such theories posted on the net.
Should we censor them? Of course not! Leave them out there for all to see.

As many of you know I am connected to Newtown Ct. (Sandy Hook)
I have worked in the town close to the former school since 1981.
I have seen almost all the ridiculous conspiracy videos that have been put up on YouTube about the Sandy Hook Shootings. It has become my hobby to watch things like this. They don't offend me. I think that they reflect the grieving process that we all go through when confronting something as crazy as the Sandy Hook Shootings, or 9-11 for that matter. They actually help us heal in a strange sort of way. The imagination of thinking about conspiricies helps us cope on a phycological level. Our creativeness to invent these wild theories heals us. When we compose our view though videos, our minds process both the evidence, and fabricated evidence and we somehow come to terms with the unthinkable. It makes us feel good to have solved a mystery, or created more controversy. It depends on our inner feelings at the time. I know that this post will not make sense to many who do not understand the conspiracy theory philosophy. I didn't either, until recently. I had to be directly touched by it to come to terms with my true feelings.
Bob,I argee,as long as these things are taken at face value.They are mostly the work of dot connectors,utilizing the "post hoc,ergo propter hoc" applied logic.In other words,event Y ,followed event X,then event Y ,must have been caused by event X.

I have seen some crazy stuff in an over 20 year career with the NYPD.Some of it was actually true,most of it was just the product of over imagination,and sometimes,mental illness.

My career ,is based on collecting facts,which are verifiable,and demonsterable,which may or may not,verify a working theory.We just didn't line the pieces up on the board ,to make our theory fit the event.It all had to line up,through its own fruition,or we no matter what our gut said,we rejected it because of probable cause,couldn't be met.

If probable caus,couldn't be met,then the standard of" beyond a reasonable doubt",couldn't be met at trial.That standard MUST be met.or everything else is just conjecture,which amounts to circumstantial evidence.

The bigger the claim,the greater the factual evidence MUST be.Single ,unconnected "facts" are 99% of the time,circumstantial,and happenstance.

As much as these thing often help the healing process as i agree with,they can also create false hope,and keep the wound that was healing,from doing so.Boogie men around every tree,ghosts in the machine.

Sometime,people can't accept the explaination,though simple it may be,and Occams Razor,dosen't make sense to them.People want a larger,more complicated reason that a tragedy occured.A conspiracy theory,can be as comforting,as closure to some people.

I wish I had the answer for a victims next of kin,everytime,the'd ask me...why?Sometimes,you'll never know.

Steve B.
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