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Default Re: The Big Business of Fake Fans

Yes....well said. I agree it will be counterproductive; it may be closer than we think to that state of affairs.

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
That was difficult to watch. He was trying WAAAYYY too hard.

Seems to me that we are in the throes of the "look at me" generation, where everyone expects everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. Forget about hard work, putting in time, blood, sweat, and tears to achieve your goals. When I was learning, I had to do it the hard way. Covers were just another form of practice, not a marketing tool. I had no YouTube, or internet for that matter. Once I finally joined a band, and I had to audition for it, we got shows based on reputation and crowd draw, not likes or views.

I think the net will be counter productive eventually. It will be so full of people trying to get found, the only way to be seen will to be actually going out and playing.
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