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Default Re: The Big Business of Fake Fans

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Don't go away, you're making good points.

It's just conversation.
I find the conversation to be very interesting because, the way I view the half century mark....from a philosophic view, it is interesting to me how technology and it's is very ironically, imo removing some of the joys of life. This conversation supports my somewhat cynical view that all technology may not be good. it supports my mother's view...and constant lambasting that instant gratification is not good. Working for something is good....the struggle is good. And that maps on to this youtube musician phenomenon thing quite nicely methinks.

For instance, the Beatles have brought immense joy and musicality to untold millions including myself....the platform for that was fantastic music (is that really subjective when it comes to the Beatles?) and insane excitement to see who and what this thing was...

Would we have all experienced that same feeling about the beatles had they been relegated to plying their wares on social media? What are we missing out on because of the in your face and somewhat nefarious vibe of the marketing social media musician?

An interesting question...perhaps the answer is not so good for music in general?
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