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Default Re: The Big Business of Fake Fans

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
My point was the whole premise of fake fans is make it appear to real fans that you are more popular than you are, so that real fans will then take notice. It's still the same concept of creating a buzz about a band so that people will check out what the buzz is about.

I don't think most artists who buy fake fans are interesting in the instant gratification of suddenly having a millions views (although, I'm sure some are), it's promoting the product by making it appear larger than it really is.
Yes...thats true. I agree with the ploy as you have described it. What I meant by the "instant gratification" and what is unfortunate for today's emerging artists is that it is easy to get the content right on youtube for free...thus there is no built in mechanism anymore for sales and that's why this "new" math (payola) is not as effective...and ultimately the fan is not getting the intense anticipation and then enjoyment of finally seeing the concert or finally seeing the new album in the store. The fan is ultimately the one that loses because the excitement, buildup and anticipation is important to the whole experience and what created rabid and loyal fans...imo

Well, have I beat the horse enough? I will go away now :-)
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