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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Originally Posted by JustJames View Post
On discovering that somebody else is using your band's name...

(Actionable phrase content warning)

I discovered that the name that I chose for my band (ok, "band") is already in use.

There are at least two bands on the planet calling themselves "Jump the Shark".

We may have to change our name.

I wonder if there's another band out there called "Actionable Phrase"?
No,you don't.Band names aren't protected under the trademark law,and as such,can't be copyrighted.Logos are something different altogether.There was a case back in the late 60's,where the Chicago Transit Authority,threatened to sue the band Chicago Transit Authority(now known as Chicago) for use of their name.The band capitulated,because,they didn't want the negative publicity,so they just became "Chicago" with their own logo,by the second album.

They would have won the case in court.

Steve B
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