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Default Re: The Big Business of Fake Fans

Public relations...without the public.Cyber fans,who pledge blind loyalty,aren't fickle and will go to all of your shows,and buy all of your music,no matter how awful it really is.

Music producers and other execs. are just greedy and hollow enough not to do the research.or use focus groups, to actually verify the veracity, of cyber claims of populatity.

And some dishonest computer geek,is making money,perpertrating a ruse.

Some of this also is just stroking someones ego,who actually thinks they have talent,because some enablers told them thay can actually sing.......American Idol auditions anyone?

I suppose it's better than the other end of the spectrum,where those attention seeker,resort to more nefarious activities,to get fame and attention....Mark David Chapman ..ring a bell?How about Charles Manson.

Steve B
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