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Hey, you know, I think I was wrong yesterday with that Rock and Roll intro. Playing through it today with the album just would not line up at the end. I think Frankinj had it correct when he said he thinks it should begin on the and of 3. The other really embarrassing mistake was that I was hearing the crash on the and of 4. It's really on the downbeat of the first bar. Sorry about that too.

Not that it matters to people who are playing the intro completely by ear, but in case anyone is using the music too, I don't want to mislead anyone. Here's what I think is a more accurate representation:

Also, I experimented with playing the entire intro with locked hands and it works just fine (like Franklinj mentioned the MD transcription suggested). I still like the non-locked hands as I have it above and I still hear it that way on the recording, but you know, I could be wrong about that too...
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