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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Rock n Roll

The death ? Not possible. I totally agree regarding the roots -- jazz--I have taught kids -- especially in cars--musical history and how to"hear". What I am talking about is--there is first, no worse torture than cruising in your car-with its great sound system and having screaming kids ruin the ride...I have used the music ( which speaks even to savage beasts-gotta love em) to put a end to little people , ruining my ride.. This works with them throughout their life--

A car of teenage boys--turn on the tunes....Ask them Who is playing-when it was written--name the drummer--what makes the tune great---etc., then I fire a jazz tune at em--so they hear-the licks--My kids and --crap--who knows how many others who got stuck driving with me ---all got a Rock n Roll education.( and still do)( we play the newer stuff and talk about it)

I teach em all--then--bring them to see and hear live---This is where some changes have taken place---Yeah--Jazz Fests--seated at Big Band concerts--anywhere live.Soul--Blues--
I think changes that have affected Rock--are the too available electronic listening devices- and adults discouraging the arts in general---here kid, you can sit up this is your first video game--what happened to kids banging away on pots and pans and percussion--tunes playing in the background ??

Live music-----nothing better--the closer the better--A lot of stuff going on discourages the
attendance at live performances. I am sick to hear most kids in high school do not
have a clue what it is like to have live bands play at their dances even----

Too many interference's---local bands instead of getting paid for gigs--are expected to play
at what I call "teasers". They pay, to be allowed to play for about a hour--just when things
start to get comfortable--then they scramble to haul off their gear--so the next band does its thing---What is this ?? Who even remembers who they came to hear ?

The other thing--these kids later encounter is too many cops --on route to venues--at the gigs--they are scared off. ( some people think Rockers are evil and are a bad influence-well we have heard all that before...)

Nope--Rock n Roll will never die as long as we keep playing and teaching these little people to hear -- and play--and we will listen..and pull out our instruments and play ......

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