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Default My New DW Drums!

Hey all,

Long time no post here, thought I'd take some time to show you my newest acquisition. A 5-piece DW Collectors Series kit for $1200 off its sale price because it was used for four days at a music fantasy camp was a deal I could not pass up.

DW Collectors Series - Maple/Mahogany - Gold Galaxy Finishply - Chrome Hardware

6.5x14 snare
8x10 tom
9x12 tom
14x16 floor tom
16x22 bass drum

was deciding between 18, 16 and even 14" depth for the bass drum. Chose 16" in the end, I still have plenty of tone and the kit looks more compact. It would be nice if the same could be said of its owner...but I digress.

Some pics! Enjoy!
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