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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Originally Posted by shemp View Post
And I really despise these three name phrase bands.....Pierce The Veil....come on man, dumb!! Cage The Elephant?? These are actionable phrases.
Lots of opportunities for self deprecating 3-word band names here!

Off My Lawn
Damn You Kids
Cage the Dinosaurs

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
I have to second this. This is where all the creativity lies as far as I am concerned. While I don't like ALL of it, I do like a whole lot of it. The drumming is almost beyond what seems humanly possible, the guitars are wandering all over the place and using things like sweeps as normal everyday fodder, the vocals have come to a point to where they can be from clean to Cookie monster and everything in between. The music takes paths that remind me of classical music. There are no limits, just like Rock used to be. Here is your new Rock n Roll.
True. Today's metal reminds me of 70s classic rock ... loud, fast, flashy, aggressive, exciting, grating ... mainly aimed at teenagers and early 20s.

What I have noticed is today's rock bands tend to be less eclectic - once you get a critical mass of things they start to specialise - be it job structures in workplaces, TV stations, hive animals, etc.

It's happened with bands too - I'm not seeing the eclecticism of The Beatles, The Stones, Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, Zappa, early Tubes, Led Zep, Bowie, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, King Crimson, Queen, Eno, ELP, Hawkwind, Roxy Music, Radiohead, Gong, etc.

Get off my lawn!

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
Alright, maybe it isn't for everyone. So I see it like this: My dad doesn't like my music (metal), my grandfather didn't like my dads music (60's-70's rock), my great grandfather I never knew, but I would be willing to bet he didn't like my grandfathers music (polka). Now the funny thing about it is the younger generation does like the older generations music in my case.
Very true. I don't think I've seen as much interest in older forms by the younger generation before. Don't know what to make of that.


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