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Default Re: Internet censorship

i have to agree Bob.I have no problem with someone calling it like they see it,but Alex is an extremeist,and his ratings seem to inspire his handling of certain situations,more so than common sense,which seems to be,not so common these days.

The Dallas sherriffs dept.need to re-examine their crowd control training,and embrace the fact,that in a dangerous,stressful situation,you'll default to the level of training,you're most familiar with.You need equipment,training with that equipment,and the will to use it.

Your I.Q.decreases,you form tunnel vision,you don't come up with a new plan.Plan B and C,should be a part of your training,which need to be constantly,reinforced,and ammended.

These crowd interactions,need to have numerous,trained supervisors at the scene,who can communicate their expectations and conduct code,to legal protesters.

This country was built on protest,civil unrest and revolution,but i would hate so see that latter ,become a reality.Then,both sides lose.

To A Human.Firstly,I'm sincerely sorry for your loss.You make some pretty substantial claims,as I know for a fact,a NY City DA,dosen't,incarcerate those kind of numers after a jury trial.There is also the 6th ammendment,concerning speedy trial.

I'm sorry some humanoid stole your daughters drums,but you really can't expect the police to the everywhere...all the time.That's just not practicle,as the sheer numbers of police would be prohibitive,financially.

Steve B

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