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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
As I watched that video,I thought about the few time that I've been in a riot situation,both in a jailas a correction officer,and with the NYPD,on the street.These police had NO riot grear of any kind.There were no clear perameters or cordoned protest areas,set up ahead of time.It did look just like a goon squad.Granted,there are times,when police departments utilize specialized units,to deal with violent protesters.

But they aren't roving bands of cops,.They are trained,organized,and use proven tactics to defuse situations.But even this....dosen't work all the time.The term"mob mentality" is absolutley real.I've seen this happen 3 times,and it's a very scary thing.

In this case however,there seemed to be zero supervision,and no commands verbal or otherwise,used by the sherrifs depertment.

Conversley,the motivation of some of the protesters,as it is in many protests,is to provoke police into a violent confrontation.Protest organizers use certain loyalists,to accomplich these goals.Causes seem to garner more sympathy and support,when there's "innocent" victims and martyrs involved.

The video title of the sherrifs department being "federalized",is more than a bit of a streatch,since it compromizes the Posse Comitatas Act,which forbids the US military or their agents,to act as law enforcement ,against a civilian population,in a capacity,where Marshell Law,has not been declared due to a NATIONAL,Or state,emergency.

Any members doing so,can be federally prosecuted,and individually sued for civil right violations.

I agree that individual and collective freedoms are being erroded.The founding fathers knew of this possibility,which took place in Europe on occasion,and encouraged citizen revolt...which is why,if you research the founders and the constitution,we have the second ammendment.Some basic research will bear this out.

We aren't the only country to use open force againt it's citizenry.The British "Riot Act"(yes,it actually did exist),which was only repealed in 77,made it a felony,for failing to comply with a lawful oreder to,leave an area,and return to their homes,in a certain amount of time.

Having said tha,these cases are most ofted directed by a local police chief,not wanting to be pushed around in HIS town,and nore an ego thing than any conspiracy.believe,some of these police chiefs,have a hard time fitting their heads through a door way,the're so big.

Steve B
i want to elaborate on Steve's post for a bit.
The fear exist on both sides. We saw in the video that Alex Jones and his group was let into an area where they could protest. They did just that and they upset the police on purpose to bring on a reaction. The Police became anxious and they acted to move the protestors away. The situation almost became out of control when Alex started shouting, "1776 let the revolution begin" Both sides are in fear of each other and there is a very real threat for violence to occur.
As a "Grey Person" both sides look like idiots to me.
I kind of like old drums:)
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