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In viewing some of the videos and posts---and considering a trip I made driving cross country

in the US--the problem is bigger than you can imagine.......i was almost killed, my teenager was...we and my other teenager are seriously injured still.....we did nothing...we are artists, musicians---unreal, do not think these cops are a few---they are many--and daily---innocent humans are beaten,tazed,pepper sprayed for no crime...some die.

Now, over 40,000 people have been or remain in a MA State jail---because a women--who worked for their system, faked evidence and is admitting it !!!! Will she go to jail ??

How bout the cops, prosecutors, judges she lied for to stick humans in cages ????

Do not stick your head in the sand --you won t see em coming to kick your arse....

My 16 year old angel daughter lost her drums--original blue sparkle ludwigs (1960's) She lost them because, we left our home to grab something to eat and someone else took them. She began playing on a full set--no pad, or only a snare....I love the memory--"Mama, I want to play what I hear" as we all should....she was trying to say simply, what she hears in her heart and soul--not what other people tell her to play, or play from a piece of paper---to see my tiny, sweet , quiet one whale makes me burst into joyous laughter--she is as much of a contradiction as I, her mama is, artistically and
in general. She will play again---all artists sometimes take a break even if they did not choose to. A personal friend, inducted into the jazz hall of fame not so long ago--is releasing a book soon--of course he is a drummer--and, a drummer can play drums on things other than traditional drums--me, I am partial to steering wheels while driving....

They force humans to submit by threatening those they love most-----listen to Dillon--

Hear the music--the passion in the lyrics...our hearts beat to the rhythm of our own drums

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