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Default Re: Really Long Boom Arms?

Originally Posted by porter View Post
The Roadpro can definitely do that. Here's mine, with a 20" HHX Omni on it:

Hi Porter, yes like Mrinsane yours also has 20" cymbals, which might explain how the visual perception of boom length, is effected by cymbal size.

The pic of 'Praire Prince, and what looks like a even longer boom than normal, might be a slight visual illusion, I'm not sure what focal length lens was used, maybe a tad wider than standard. But not enough to distort perspective too much anyway.

When I compare the pic of your boom and cymbal, to PPrince, his ecymbal being only a 10" makes his boom look longer, natch. Your cymbal at twice the size, makes the boom look shorter, it's a matter of scale. It's very possible that both booms are the same length.

Or maybe I should get back to my therapist and medication!
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