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I bought new software last night. And then I ordered an expensive trigger system for my double bass pedals. After I was done, I played a computer game called, "Don't Starve", that I bought at a Black Friday sale on steam along with two other games. While I was at it, I bought an additional copy for my brother.
In the game, you're this German scientist transported to some evil realm by an evil dude and the objective is to stay alive as long as you can and forage and trap animals and light fires at night so that you don't get eaten by monsters. It's an indie title.
When I went to bed, the whole time I was thinking to myself, man, I wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew financially. Then I slept. I woke up this morning thinking the same thing. Worry wart.
Earlier today, I bought a new solid state drive for my computer. Guess I'm just one of those geniuses headed for financial ruin. My stars must be crossed. 31 and still single. My mom keeps trying to get me into one of those arranged marriage things. "No, Ma, leave me alone, I'm not interested," I keep wailing.
You know what that means, kiddie. More money for us. :)
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