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Default Re: David Byrne: 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'

Interesting thread. As a matter of fact 'm reading David Byrne's book How Music Works (I definitely recommend it -- it really is the exact opposite of an old fart writing about how everything used to be better!) and there is a chapter about making money in music. Interestingly, Byrne mentions a long list of musicians that went bankrupt during their career, because producing a record used to be such an investment. Today the investment is lower than ever and I can't understand that many musicians don't see the opportunity. Distributing information has never been so easy and cheap. Any musician can now break through to a worldwide audience through youtube. We can skip all these middle men. The only thing is how to redefine the business model now that copying has become so easy and cheap. You can only ask so much for a copy, or people will make their own. Everyone struggles with that same problem: newspapers, books editors and bookstores, etc etc. but at the same time I think it's an opportunity for the content creators themselves. There is and will be more diversity than ever and it is easier than ever to break through as a musician, writer, etc - of course only if you have something very special to offer, that has not changed. But you will have to be your own record company and not everyone is clever at that.
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