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NAME: Drum School "Taking It To The Next Level"


WORDED RATING: Drum School comes with a Book, 2 DvD's & 1 Cd. Every audio & visual lesson is recorded & filmed in 3 separate levels with a metronome from beginner to extreme advanced level players.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This 4 piece "Drum School" catalog's title alone is self explanatory and lives up to its name. "Drum School" portrays itself academically and describes the content by portraying this product as nothing but an educational learning tool for all levels.

PUBLISHED BY: Drum School Products LLC - Lee Mangano (pres /ceo)

DESCRIPTION: Lee Mangano is not only the main drum instructor performing on the DvD's, he is also the producer and creator of Drum School. This great drum tutorial has filmed the experience & knowledge from 6 other professional drummers that have toured internationally, and have a combined 50,000,000 records, tapes and major movie soundtracks sold throughout the world. Drum School wanted to cover as many styles of drums & percussion as possible on both of the 60:00 dvd's.

Drum School Teachers :
Lee Mangano - "NRG" TF:TM - Transformers The Movie
Gary Moffatt - "38 Special"
Sean Shannon - "Molly Hatchet" - "Pat Travers" band
Joe Pet - "Joe Perry Project"
Jackie Santos - "John Cafferty & Beaver Brown" band - Berklee Music drum professor
Hirsh Gardner - "New England" - producer

YOUTUBE Channel : leemangano22
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