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Default Re: rods for lower volume?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Maybe you could tune your drums down and lose some of that crack. You can even try 'softer' heads - like pinstripes or Evans Hydraulics, tuned down so when you play at close to your normal volume, you're not shaking everybody up around you.
Or, you could just adjust your technique to be able to play softer. It's been done. But tuning down is still necessary because you need the drum to speak well when you play soft, and a cranked up set of drums that respond well to hard-hitting do not sound good soft.
I don't disagree with this, but an alternative approach is to tune drums up and take out all the muffling so that the drums will be more responsive and have a full range of harmonics and overtones even if you are just tapping them lightly. Then you can learn/adjust your technique to play softer without sacrificing the timbre of the drums. I did this in Church once. The kids set up the house kit with lower tensions, a pillow in the kick, and pinstripe heads. My kit was tuned high with coated ambassadors, a felt strip in the kick, and 7a sticks. As expected, the house kit sounded like dry thuds, while my kit sang.

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