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Default Re: Interlaced constant release/heel toe? by creepy Transylvanian guy

Originally Posted by TreeClimbingFeet View Post
Check this dude out. Anyone else can play interlaced doubles? It sounds so good, without triggers...
I found that video a few months ago - impressive! He got that technique up to a stunning level of speed, control and sonic evenness. Seems there are quite few people who can do this.

Yes I do play interlaced doubles but my experience is they feel very comfy up to a certain speed (although if you get too slow this technique won't really be of any benefit, in the lower speed range people would usually just use singles) but for top speed I'd use the 'straight doubles' method (heel-toe w/ one foot, then one double stroke w/ my other foot etc). And getting all strokes even (both rhythmically and level wise) is something that takes a long time - not there yet. I would lose control at around 220 bpm - can mock 240 and even 250 w/ interlaced - trying to play along to that video - but it's just not clean. (Singles do work though but that would be my max speed.) Give me a few more years, haha.

Absolutely go for learning both interlaced and straight doubles, it's worth it.
I've bookmarket this video, for future reference (progress check, if any). Thanks for sharing!

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