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Default Re: rods for lower volume?

Originally Posted by shemp View Post
My first modification would be to lose the whiners...nothing worse than band members that complain about sound levels.
I hear ya and it can be a warning sign that your band are up for a piss and a moan......or it can be a heads up that you need to work on your musicality.

There's two sides to every coin and on the flip side there's nothin' worse than a drummer who can't control his dynamics or be adaptable enough to change an approach that's clearly not cutting it either. If he's hitting too hard for the different musical style that this new band offers, then he needs to work on some control. Not throw the baby out with the bathwater and bin the band altogether.......provided he wants to stick around, of course.

Ultimately, knowing what fits tastefully with each musical application is what being a versatile musician is all about.
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