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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Never was a fan of the band or the name....terrible name. Should also be expurgated. Although I'm not privy to English meanings, i never did take that as an actionable phrase....I think Mott is a person and hoople is a descriptive term for his, in terms of your reference I would call it an abject fail..

But keep sure we will find a popular band name from the classic rock annals that describes the act of painful fornication or the act of taking a large earth roving beast and containing it.

Now, Ian Hunter on his own....that's a different story....he and mick ronson....cleveland rocks baby!

Originally Posted by JustJames View Post
You're right.

Let's bring back sensible names like they used in the good ole days.

Say, whatever happened to Mott the Hoople?
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