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This is a deep topic that has 10 million variables. Way to long to discuss in a forum like this really. But my experience is mine and mine alone, like yours is yours. I didn't have millionaire parents, but I was lucky to have musical parents and grow up in a city like Chicago with a scene of great players. That way my experience and the only place of expertise I can advise from….my own experience. We are dealt the cards we have in life. The rest is up to us.

If you live in Fyfe, North Dakota…you won't have the same luck as someone in large metropolitan city. You have to get out of there.

One thing, I will never be negative in my advice. So if you wish to criticize me there, go ahead but do it privately. I will always be encouraging in the darkest times because that's my nature. I'm trying to help someone who willingly came to me…not make it seem impossible to continue down a creative path.

You must put in the work and make things happen. That's how I did it, and how we all must to continue doing this for a livelihood. Nothing comes easy, and it usually won't. (How's that for negativity?)

I wish you all the best! Thanks-

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